If you are looking for roofing services either for roof installation or roof repair, then you should know certain things about the material that may be used to install or repair your roof.

Curb Appeal When Selling

Roofs are one of essential factors commonly used to determine the market price and dismiss any doubts as to the safety of the covering over a building.

Any building having properly installed and maintained roofs would bring a higher price when sold than ones that have been poorly maintained.

Roofing Material Choices

Below is an analysis of few of the roofing materials commonly used when doing roof repair or roofing replacement :

  • Slate - Many municipal buildings and upscale houses use natural slate material because of its simple beauty and ability to withstand harsh weather. Although many people prefer to use slate than any other roofing material, this kind of roofing material is a bit more expensive than other options as well as relatively heavy and sometimes requires additional support to keep it intact.

  • Synthetic Slate – Thanks to technology advancements, there are now machines that fabricate a material that resembles natural slate. These kinds of engineered products are made from rubber and recycled plastic, are lighter and more affordable than regular slate, and can be formed into synthetic shingles that are highly durable and very effective in protecting roofs from damage.

  • Metal – Metal roofing has been used for decades in the form of corrugated and galvanized sheets that are used for constructing barns, sheds, utility buildings, residential homes, agricultural storage facilities, and more. It is affordable, durable, easy to install, and simple to maintain, making it an ideal choice for a wide range of architectural home designs. Although special tools aren't needed for this roof installation, it does need a qualified, experienced, and properly trained roofing contractor to install this kind of roof.

  • Ceramic Tiles - Ceramic tiles are widely used in the Mediterranean and middle Eastern regions and made from ceramic materials tested to ensure they can withstand harsh weather conditions like heavy snow, hail, storms, and rainfall. Initially handmade in tapered shape, now it is more quickly produced in larger quantities like the natural slate. They are very heavy and require a strong support system which does increase installation costs because of the skill required to properly put them on your roof. To increase its ability to prevent water penetration, lay waterproofing membranes underneath them.

There are many different kinds of material you can use for a roof replacement or repair, just pick the one that best suits your need and relay that preference to your chosen roofer replacement contractor!

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