When the storm winds blow, will your roof be able to withstand it?

Depending on its condition, it may not.

While some strong winds can’t be stopped no matter how perfect your roof may appear, there are factors that can contribute to wind damage and make it more likely that you’ll need wind damage roof repair once the winds calm again.

Before the storms come, professional roofers recommend learning about some of the causes of wind damage and what high winds can do to your roof.

First Get A Roofing Inspection

If you notice any of these conditions or just want to make sure your roof is in good condition for weathering any windstorm, call a reliable roofing service and schedule a thorough roofing inspection.

Then take care of whatever maintenance or repairs are needed to ensure yours will make it through.

How Does Wind Damage A Roof?

Wind damages a roof by getting under the surface and loosening the roofing material.

In doing so, it leaves the surface unsealed against the elements and effects of more wind that can come at another time.

Depending on the direction and strength of the wind, different parts of a roof may experience more be more susceptible than others and in particular wind damage.

Some of these areas include:

  • Roof corners.
  • Places where roofing materials end around protrusions.
  • Roof edges.
  • Any areas that blowing winds can force their way under and inside roofing material.

Old or damaged shingles that are brittle, have curled edges, or are bowed or already lifting are also susceptible to additional damage caused by wind.

What Are Some Signs of Wind Damage?

Wind damage can be very obvious to spot at times yet at other times require the trained eye of a professional roof repair service to detect.

The more commonly noticed signs of obvious wind damage to a roof include:

  • Torn, bent, or missing shingles or panels.
  • Torn or peeled flat roofing materials.
  • Visible spaces under the roofing material where it’s been lifted up.
  • Missing or damaged flashing around protrusions and in valleys.
  • Leaks visible from the underside as viewed from inside the attic.
  • Physical damage to the surface caused by debris hitting or penetrating the roof.

What Should You Do About Wind Damage?

When you notice obvious damage after a windstorm, it’s recommended that you call a roofer to perform needed roof repairs as soon as possible.

The longer that damage remains, the greater the possibility of suffering additional damage as the days pass.

Since not all wind damage is immediately detectable, the other recommendation is to arrange for a roofing service to come out and do an inspection if you suspect that the roof sustained damage.

Regular inspections one or two years will also detect unknown wind damage before there is a chance for added damage caused by leaks to occur.

Keep Your Roof Safe When the Winds Blow

A roof in good condition is less likely to suffer wind damage than one that is in need of roofing repair.

Still, even the best roofs can be damaged by strong winds.

Keep yours maintained and regularly inspected so when the winds blow, you'll more easily recognize new damage so repairs can be made right away.

It will cost less in the long run and reduce any cumulative damage that could happen over time!

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